HI, I’M KRISTIN MATHIS, Owner and Founder of Hello Baby!

I am a 30 something mom of 4–Coleman, Presley, Murphy, and our newest addition Lovett Lou. I have been scanning ultrasound for 9 years now. I graduated in 2013 as a single woman with no children and moved to Springfield, MO. There, I traveled some and worked at a 3D/4D ultrasound studio called Imaging Miracles. We educated abortion minded women on the life that they were carrying. We gave them options, and let them know it was all going to be alright. It truly was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I believe God leads you exactly where he wants you to be at just the right moment. They were amazing people that really opened my eyes up and taught me that the sky was the limit. 

Unfortunately my time was cut short in Springfield. God had a different plan up his sleeve. I got pregnant…with twin boys. Talk about a freak out moment because obviously we all know that I did my own ultrasound. Here I am ministering to women about keeping their pregnancy, and I see two little heart beats inside of my own belly. I had just achieved my dream job and moved 5 hours from my family. My 5 year plan was ruined, or so I thought. What I had forgotten is that I am not the writer of my story, God is. So I packed my bags at 6 months pregnant and moved back to Kentucky. 

Since then, I have furthered my education and have added a few other registries to my name, by taking my boards in OB/GYN, abdomen, vascular, and breast ultrasound. I fell in love with my husband who also had a son, so we became a blended family of 5. I actually knew my husband most of my life, since he was my cousins best friend. Time has a funny way of working things out and I believe our kids are what brought us together! Since then we have become a family of 6! I recently gave birth to our LAST child, Lovett, and boy is she precious. 

I have scanned pregnant bellies literally on the other side of the world. In 2018 I was blessed to go on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. It was one of the most eye opening and humbling experiences I have ever encountered. In the blistering heat I sat on the dirt with a machine in my lap and scanned moms to be. It was a lot different than I was used to that is for sure. I came back truly a changed woman. I knew that I had always wanted to open up my own ultrasound studio, but when I got back from Africa I felt even more driven. God kept giving me sign after sign and I kept thinking its not the right time we are building a house, I have to many young kids, I’m pregnant again, excuse after excuse. Until one day my husband literally came home with keys to an office. This is WEEKS before I was about to go on maternity leave for 3 months. Part of me was terrified, part of me was worried that he had lost his mind, part of me was sad because I knew my maternity leave was about to get very very busy, and part of me was so excited and thankful that he pushed me to listen to my heart and listen to God. There is never a right time, life is to short. It was now or never. So…while I obviously hope my business flourishes, at the same time I am trying to tell myself to let go, and let God. I am very excited to cater to the women of mayfield and all of the surrounding areas so I can help them bond with their little one.

I am ready to serve the Lord and provide women with free ultrasounds that are contemplating abortion and educate them on the life that they are carrying inside of them. I also provide free ultrasounds for women with fetal abnormalities that will result in that baby not being viable without mom. Because WOW what an amazing woman that chooses to keep her pregnancy knowing she will have to give her child back to God. And while it may not be like every other mothers bonding experience, she most definitely deserves one too. I know there is a lot of need out there so please send them my way! I can’t fix everything but I can use my talents that God has given me to bring a little bit more sunshine into this world. Now if you have made it all the way to the very end kudos to you, and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story, it means a lot. I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you! Go pregnancy!