7 Things Your Husband Should Know Before Going into the Delivery Room

Here at Hello Baby we are all about pregnancy and all things baby. We see and scan thousands of mamas and babies and enjoy getting to know our mama’s and their families and I have noticed a common trend. While everyone is busy preparing mama and baby for delivery, we can’t forget that the dads-to-be are swirling with questions (or the lack there of) too. Okay, okay they’re mainly just confused. Most are quietly concerned, excited and in awe of seeing their baby on the big screen with no idea of the tasks and expectations lying ahead of them in the delivery room. That’s why I took it upon myself to poll my Facebook audience with a question.

What is something you wished your husband/partner knew before going into the delivery room?

I picked up on a common trend between many of the answers and narrowed down the top 7 things women wished their husband/partner knew before going into delivery.

1. Don’t announce contractions

As obvious as this one may seem it clearly needs to be said. Yes, it can be seen on the monitor but more importantly, we can FEEL them building. No announcement necessary.

With one of my labors he kept telling me I was having a contraction. Like I ALREADY KNOW THIS!

Samantha C.

2. It’s not okay to eat in the delivery room

Labor is a long process. You’re probably going to get hungry, we get it. In all honestly you probably should have something in your stomach just don’t eat in front of your laboring parter. Chances are she hasn’t eaten in hours, and the hunger or the smell will surely make the moment even harder than it already is. Just don’t.

If she tells you it’s ok to eat that hamburger in the room…don’t.

April S.

3. Cone heads are normal

Your baby’s head is meant to shift shapes to help them move through the birth canal. The cone shape is a result of the squeezing through the vaginal canal. It should return to normal soon after birth so no need to panic or lose sleep over it.

4. Don’t second guess her decisions

Chances are Mama has already gone through and exhausted all of the possible outcomes in the delivery room. What she needs more than anything is your support in whatever decision she is making during the time. From epidurals to ice packs she needs you to be in full support mode.

Don’t ask a second time, “do you really need the epidural?”

Lori B.

5. Stay Calm

There are a lot of emotions swirling around in the delivery room. Your partner will need help staying calm to help her labor progress. If you’re calm you can help her relax and progress much easier. And for the love….be on your best behavior.

Don’t get picked up by hospital security going to the cafeteria while I’m in labor.

Chelsea G.

6. Rest

This one is super important. Rest while you can. Once it’s time to deliver you will need your energy to support your partner and help with labor positioning if needed. Keep a chair close by, it’s totally normal to feel a little whoosy. A lot of men do.

Sit down before you fall down!

Linda S.

7. Understand the importance of postpartum care

Above all, I believe a good understanding of postpartum care is the most important thing a husband or partner can know before entering the delivery room. Aside from the physical needs there are emotional and psychological needs for postpartum care as well. Check out this Guide to Postpartum Care (Here)

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