7 benefits of tummy time

Babies need tummy time. Most babies start tummy time within a few days after they are born and there are so many benefits. Tummy time is when you lay your baby on their belly while they’re awake and watch them squirm, kick, and eventually start checking out everything around them. It’s not just super cute, but also super good for them! Here’s why tummy time is a total win for your baby.

Builds Those Baby Muscles

Think of tummy time as baby’s first gym session. When your little munchkin is trying to lift their head and shoulders, they’re actually pumping up those tiny muscles in their neck, back, and arms.

Gets Those Motors Running

We’re talking about motor skills – those big moves they need for rolling and crawling, and the little ones like grabbing stuff. Those toys around them during tummy time? Prime targets for developing fine motor skills.

Say No to Flat Head Syndrome

Babies have soft noggins, which means too much time on the back can lead to a flat spot. Mixing it up with some tummy play keeps their cute little heads nice and round.

Sensory Overload (In a Good Way)

Another one of the benefits of tummy time is it gives babies a whole new way to check things out. They get to touch, see, and feel all sorts of stuff from a fresh angle, which is awesome for their brain growth.

Peepers and Balance Boost

While on their belly, babies can’t help but look around at all the exciting stuff happening. This is great for their eye-tracking skills and keeps their inner balance system in check.

Head-Turning Skills

All that work they do to lift their noggin while on their tummy is setting the stage for sitting up and doing all sorts of cool moves later.

Curiosity for Days

Babies are tiny explorers, and tummy time is like their first expedition into the wild. It sparks their curiosity and starts building those social and exploration skills.

So, there you have it! Tummy time isn’t just another thing on the baby to-do list; it’s a must-do for development and a sweet chance to bond and see your baby’s personality shine. Plop them on a comfy surface, hang around for safety, and let the good times roll!

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