What better way to add a personal touch to your baby gift than cute stationary with a purpose! The best part about these cute cards is the mission behind the company that makes them. Live Love Studio by providing one meal to a hungry child in the state of Tennessee.

See the stationary selections we offer at Hello Baby below. These little cards aren’t only perfect as a gift but they would be great as a pregnancy announcement to family and friends as well. If you are expecting and want to be see your baby in 3D/HD imaging you can check out our ultrasound packages (HERE).

In addition to adding a vast selection of cute cards to choose from, we also now offer scripture and prayer journals for mothers and those grieving the loss of a loved one. We understand that this time in a mothers life can be especially difficult and we want Mama’s to know they are not alone.

The Motherhood journal guides readers to pray through passages of Scripture with a focus on motherhood. The journal features passages to pray printed directly in the journal, guided instructions on praying the Bible, commentary on the passage, guided prayers, and questions to prompt prayer. The journal also includes guided pages at the end that can be used to pray any passage in the Bible.

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