10 Baby Announcement Ideas to Share with Your Kids

Expecting a new addition to the family is one of life’s most exciting moments. Sharing this joy with your child will create a memorable experience they can cherish for the rest of their life! Here are 10 creative and heartfelt baby announcement ideas to tell your child they’re going to be a sibling.

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1. Gift a ‘Promotion’ Shirt

Give your child a t-shirt that announces their new role, such as “Big Brother in Training” or “Sister to be!” It’s a cute and adorable way for them to learn about the new baby.

2. Custom Puzzle Time

Create a custom puzzle with the announcement, “You’re going to be a big brother/sister!” Or even use a sonogram picture to surprise them with. Make it a fun activity to put the puzzle together as a family.

3. Bake the News

Bake a batch of cookies or a cake with a message on top. Have a family baking day and let your child read the message when decorating.

4. Treasure Hunt

Set up a treasure hunt around the house with clues leading to the big revelation. The final treasure can be the ultrasound picture or a new baby toy.

5. Books About Becoming a Sibling

Gift a book about becoming a big brother or sister. Read it together and talk about what it means throughout the story.

6. Special Movie Night

Plan a movie night with films or cartoons centered on family and sibling relationships. After the movie, share your news relating to the themes you’ve watched.

7. Baby’s First Photo

This is my personal favorite of all the baby announcement ideas…show your child the ultrasound photo! You can use this time to and explain that there’s a little baby growing inside mommy’s tummy right now, and it’s their sibling.

8. Craft Project

Involve your child in a craft project, such as making a welcome home banner for the new baby, as a way to share the news.

9. Balloon Pop

Hide the announcement inside a balloon and let your child pop it. Make sure there’s a big surprise like confetti inside along with the message.

10. Bring Out the Baby Gear

And the last, but certainly not least of the baby announcement ideas is to simply bring out a baby item. If you have a crib or a baby carrier, and ask your child what it could be for or show them a baby outfit. Use this as a starting point for the discussion.

Of course, each of these methods can be adapted based on your child’s age and understanding. Remember, the goal is to make them feel involved and excited about the new addition to your family. Congratulations and enjoy this special bonding moment!

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